Feeling wildly alive is a state of mind. I believe that we don’t need to experience huge, earth-shattering things to live a wild and amazing life; on the contrary, it’s all about finding joy in the small, everyday details. My goal is to create a life I don’t need to escape from - one that makes me excited and grateful to be alive.

I live with anxiety, depression, and PMDD. Some days, my mental illness tries to tell me that being alive is overrated. I write myself notes with all the reasons why life is kind of the best. I call them love notes about life - little reminders of everything that’s good about hanging out on this wild planet together.

I want to share these notes with you, together with musings about relationships, mental health, aging, nature, living alcohol-free, and whatever else pops into my mind.

About me:

I’m happily married to Richard, whom I met 21 years ago at the lowest point of my life. Our love story is a wild ride, so I wrote my first book Let's Pretend This is Normal about it.

I self-published my second book Quit the Hustle after I experienced burnout in 2018. It explores our society's unhealthy obsession with the hustle, and the danger of a culture that continually wants us to feel as if we are not good enough.

My third book Everything is Broken and Completely Fine came out in January 2023. It’s my most intimate book to date, openly describing my long journey with mental illness, how I used to self-medicate with alcohol, and the toll the pandemic took.

I’m an x-ray technologist who works at a rural hospital in a small cowboy town. In my spare time I love to kayak, hike, spend time with my dogs, read, and write.

Thanks for being here!

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Letters about mental health, relationships, sobriety, and becoming brave.



Bubbly introvert, mental health advocate, dog mom. I write about living your best life by being unapologetically yourself.