Miriam,rerally long ago, for a few years I worked as a barkeeper, it was fun, always being around people partying, celebrating, or just having a fun evening. After work, we'd clean the joint, do the til etc. and one evening it hit me, that, after so many people buying me drinks, I was (or felt) sober. That is when I quit drinking. We'd have wine around the house, because we always had people coming by, staying, eating, and I'd have a glass of wine with them but that was it. Some folks think I'm weird for not drinking (LOL) some find it suspicious. I have no problem with people drinking, and tell them it is not a problem that I don't. I'm meeting more and more people who quit drinking alcohol, and it is a good thing. In Holland there's a massive media campaign rolled out, to help people who over- use alcohol. Six (6!) different types of cancer are linked to drinking, so now they treat it like the anti smoking campaigns (Stoptober) and it is working. Don't worry about not fitting in, you are the healthy one, if people think you are odd for not drinking, fine, let them have the opinion, that it's all it is. Life is sweet, take it slow, and enjoy it. I love your blogs. Stay safe and happy and say hi to Richard for me

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Thank you for sharing! I do see a change coming, it hasn’t quite reached most people in my life yet, but it will. I was headed down a path that was not good, and I know that quitting was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s nice to be reminded that there are many no drinkers in the world - sometimes I feel like the only one.


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